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UX/Interaction Designer

· Newton, Massachusetts
Employment Type Full-Time
Minimum Experience Mid-level

What we do

When someone has a stroke or other brain condition, regular therapy can help them recover more of their ability to speak, think, and live independently. The Learning Corp gives patients, caregivers, and clinicians powerful therapy tools that adapt to each patient’s needs. Now, we’re building up the team to reach more people and expand what we can do for them.

What you’ll do

  • Help more patients benefit from our tools by reducing friction in signup and referrals
  • Help more patients stick with therapy over time by helping them see its benefits
  • Help us make our tools as usable, inclusive, and accessible as possible


  • Make sure everyone is clear on requirements before you begin designing.
  • Estimate the time needed for your work, then deliver accordingly.
  • Quickly develop workflows, contents, and screen layouts at the rough sketch level, then iterate them through collaboration and early testing.
  • Ensure that designs are usable and accessible across a variety of devices.
  • Consider ways of structuring content for scalability, reuse, and multilingual tools.
  • Document finished designs to the extent needed for development.
  • Work with developers during sprints to clarify and adapt designs.
  • Learn from metrics and direct user feedback to improve the design the next time.
  • Work well with a diverse team of speech therapists, scientists, marketers, and customer support, as well as developers, product managers, and internal and consulting designers.

 Required skills

We will ask you to demonstrate these through stories and/or your portfolio:

  • Excellent knowledge of interaction design principles, especially those related to cognition, visual processing, and accessibility.
  • Comfort with rendering and sharing low-fidelity storyboards for early feedback.
  • Ability to deliver detailed, feasible, visually-literate designs within a visual system.
  • Strong UI writing skills and attention to written details.   
  • Understanding of how design relates to underlying data structures, and the ability to collaborate with developers on defining effective solutions for both.
  • Ability to plan, execute, and interpret usability tests based on sketches or interactive prototypes.
  • Strong communication and collaboration skills: listening, eliciting needs, differentiating requirements from opinions, and building agreement around a direction.
  • Willingness to assume competence and good intent.

Preferred skills and experience

It’s OK if you don’t check all of these boxes, but we’d like at least some of them:

  • 3-5 years of experience designing for consumer audiences and mobile devices.
  • Some experience designing voice (or voice-enhanced) UIs.
  • Some experience designing primarily for accessibility needs, particularly cognitive issues.
  • Ability to plan, execute, and interpret ethnographic interviews.
  • Solid information architecture skills.
  • Good visual design skills, especially data visualization.
  • Mastery of Sketch and relevant plug-ins (we’ll expect you to learn if you don’t know it).
  • Some experience with basic interactive prototyping.

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